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We are financial advisors who help you strategize your retirement. We will explore benefits which may be available from your employer, retirement savings accounts, debts, and other sources of income to help you evaluate the viability of your retirement goals and needs.

A Comprehensive Approach

Retirement is one of the biggest financial decisions most individuals make. It therefore requires a comprehensive analysis. To do this, we approach retirement planning from multiple angles which includes your exploring retirement benefits, debts, potential sources of income, tax strategy, portfolio management, and more.

Retirement Planning

Regardless of your retirement system, we will explore the various benefits which may be available to you from your employer in order to provide you with a comprehensive view of your retirement. This might include a pension, various types of insurance, the purchase of accrued leave, or a retirement savings account (i.e., 401(k), 403(b), TSP). We will also explore benefits which may be available from other sources, such as Social Security, as well as financial products which may be available to you on the open market. We will line these up with your retirement goals and needs in order to assess the viability of those goals and needs.

Tax Strategy

Whether they like the government or not, most people would prefer to keep their money in their own hands or in the hands of their beneficiaries. Due to poor planning, Required Minimum Distributions and the various estate and inheritance taxes can cause many people to pay more in taxes on their retirement savings than they otherwise would have. Our advisor will work with you to make a tax efficient retirement strategy to keep the taxes paid to a minimum.

Portfolio Management

Many people leave money sitting in their savings account, where it loses value to inflation, or in retirement accounts which could have limited oversight and management. After conducting a full risk analysis, we can advise you to allocate your savings across our various actively-managed investment models. This allocation is customizable. Although we will provide our advice, you ultimately have discretion as to how your savings is allocated across these different models based upon your own risk tolerance and objectives.

Service & Execution

At FEFA, we take a team approach to financial advising. To improve efficiency, many clients will work with both a Retirement Advisor and a Planning Advisor. And unlike many firms which may only have one or two advisors, if you don’t like your FEFA advisors (unlikely), you can generally request to be assigned to another advisor without needing to transfer your money to another firm.

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